The projects on this page were created in the past few years in a variety of languages, and almost all of them are publicly available on Github. Those languages include Java, C++, BASH, Python, and TensorFlow. I generally do my best to follow clean code practicies, and best practices regarding object orientated programming. However, I also do not refactor the code unless I have a good reason. Most of these projects are basically spaghetti code as far as I am concerned. I also do not perform a whole lot of unit testing as long as the base functionality mostly works.

My goal of breaking down these projects was to help people learn how to program, and better understand technology often covered in common industrial certification. BASH is a scripting language that briefly comes up in A+ and Network+ stuff. Not to mention I have a tattoo of a Penguin riding a Wildebeest because Linux was my entry point into technology. As AI improves it's increasingly important to understand the technology you're working with, and its restrictions anyway.

Lastly, nearly every page includes a demonstration video to help prove that the code works as intended. All of the programs were written on Windows 10/11, Fedora 37, or Ubuntu 20.04. If the OS or version of OS matters the source code on Github should have a note to give you a warning. Python 3.x should be enough for any code below. If you want to hire me you can find me on upwork.

Artifical Intelligence and Machine Learning

Classification Machine Learning Algorithms

Clustering Machine Learning Algorithms

Batched image preprocessing TensorFlow


Python Editor and Text Analyzer

Marginal Tax Calculator with editable CSV

TicTacToe with Upper Bound Confidence for Decision Making


A mix between hangman and Fallout hacking

Determine how many small crates can fit into a large crate by volume

Convert any size series of Hex Colors into RGB


Harry Potter to USD Currency Converter

A clock that spells out a given time in English

Operating Systems and Networking

BASHing the Linux Shell

An overview of subnetting

DDoS attacks and responses